Application Development and Integration
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    Immersion Technology combines applications and platforms to solve business challenges.  We see business as a series of processes that can when appropriate be optimized using technology.  A successful system starts with the initial engagement of a client through marketing and sales and continues through fulfilment and ongoing service.  Each of the solutions outlined in the diagram below are part of this business process series.  Immersion Technology starts with understanding your process and goals and then helps identify and implement the appropriate technologies.

    Immersion Technology

    Web Development

    • Content Management Systems (Drupal, WordPress)
    • Custom Programming (C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, TypeScript)
    • DevOps (AWS, Azure, CI/CD, Terraform)
    • E-Learning (Content Development*, Custom, Moodle, Sensei)
    • Frameworks (CakePHP, Django, Laravel, NestJS, Ruby-on-Rails, Vue)


    • Process Management
    • Project Management
    • Shipping System Integration

    Sales and Marketing

    • Domain Names*
    • Ecommerce (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce)
    • Hosting
    • Logos and Branding*
    • Photography
    • Request Forms
    • Website Builds
    • Website Design
    • Website Marketing (Advertising, SEO)*

    *Service is provided through our partners.