Application Development and Integration
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  • Software Integration

    Getting people and computers to work together with the greatest efficiency is always a bit of challenge. We help businesses get the technology and people working together both inside and outside the office. Our application integration services help businesses avoid double entry of data and improve business processes and workflow. This enables them to better use their resources and increase production. The focus is on the services that your business and partners provide in effect moving your business towards a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) that increase future flexibility and better alignment of technology with business goals.

    We have experience integrating online resources such as payment systems and off line technologies such as legacy systems (ERP, Accounting) and office software (such as QuickBooks). Here are some of the products and systems we integrate.

    • Bookkeeping: Quickbooks
    • Business Applications: CRM, Ecommerce, ERP
    • Custom Databases: DB2, MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server
    • Information: Blogs, News, Stock Quotes
    • Marketing: Salesforce, Newsletters
    • Payment Systems:, Google, Paypal
    • Shipping Services: FedEx, UPS, USPS
    • Statistics: Telephone systems, website visits