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    Jason A WoodImmersion Technology was established by Jason Wood in 2007 to provide technical services to business owners and organizations. We have worked with non-profit organizations, local governments, small businesses, fortune 500 companies, and educational institutions. This gives us a unique perspective that allows us to utilize a diverse set of knowledge and experience to apply to new situations and challenges.

    With over 12 years of IT consulting and programming experience, Jason Wood has developed an approach of understanding his clients business and their unique challenges. He starts with solving the key issues quickly and effectively and then moves on to the finer points. This is part of the agile process of development, which realizes that your business is constantly changing and developing complex plans today may not apply to tomorrows situations. He focuses on creating specific goals and solving them over making complex plans that take a long to time implement and may not apply when the implementation is finally completed. Throughout this process he is in constant communication with all levels of your team including sales, customer service, leadership, and fulfillment teams. This allows us to develop solutions that are already familiar to your team before it is officially launched minimizing surprises and disappointments.

    Our clients love our work. They enjoy the fact that we “get them” and “ask the right questions.” We share a mutual respect and trust that is essential to the success of the relationship. It starts from the initial consultation, continues throughout the development, and beyond in support and maintenance. Our clients enjoy the fact that we are still dedicated to their success even after a project has officially completed. Contact Immersion Technology today to see if we can help your organization get through todays challenges and build a strong foundation for the future.